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Chez Bon Hostel, The Best Place to Stay in the Vintage Part of Bandung when You’re on Budget

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I remember once when I got randomly connected to someone through a meme in Slavorum, where this meme compared a place in Croatia with Bali. At that time, our conversation continued to go on through Messenger app and he said he’s been to Bandung, my hometown. And he mentioned about how much he liked Jalan Braga.

Last weekend, I got invited to stay at a hostel located exactly in Jalan Braga.

I don’t usually choose hostel as an accommodation whenever I travel, but the offer to stay at the hostel in the infamous stress that was once the promenade of Bandung in the 1920s? It’s not everyday I could get out of my comfort zone, is it?! 😉

Chez Bon Hostel is the name of the hostel, located in the street who used to be called Bragaweg in the Dutch Colonial era. I think it is the only hostel with such an excellent location in the heart of Bandung.

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How I Shut Him Up When He Said There’s Probably Nothing Much To See in Bandung

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Just last week, my fuck buddy friend from Malaysia, Patrick came to Indonesia. Initially, he was here for Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) and he asked me whether it was possible for us to meet while he was in Jakarta.

Since I still had to attend my therapy session everyday in Bandung, I told him that it was unlikely unless if I suddenly got a briefing schedule for Asian Games in Jakarta while he was here. It didn’t happen.

At first, he was planning to stay in Jakarta for 5 days, while the DWP event would only last for 2 days. I kind of laughed at his plan because clearly, he hadn’t done any research on it. So I asked him whether he would be interested to visit my hometown in Bandung instead. That, until he responded, “Sure, but I think there’s nothing much to see in Bandung, right?”

And that was when I got offended.

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A Short Getaway to Ciwidey

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Originally from Bandung, I feel the need to post something about some place(s) that are worth to see around my hometown. I suppose Bandung itself has been quite known as a city that is visit-worthy in Indonesia.

Being the host of Afro-Asian Conference, Bandung might be historical for some people. But beyond that, Bandung is also popular for its beautiful nature and delicious dishes. Spiced up with the beauty of Sundanese people, it is only understandable that back in Dutch colonial, this city is called ‘Parijs van Java’ or so to speak, Paris in Java Island.

But then again, the classic of being a local is that I rarely get a chance to explore my own town.

So in one fine, sunny day, my friend Irma and I decided to go to Ciwidey as both tourist and local. If we usually go around the town by driving, then this time we chose public transportation to get to Ciwidey with two main destinations: Ranca Upas and Kawah Putih.

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