If You’re One of These 4 Passenger Types, Just Know That You’re Probably A Pain in the Ass for Someone at the Airport!

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After I graduated from college, despite the fact that I hold a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, I decided to start my career in the aviation industry. To be more specific, my first professional job was as a Guest Service Assistant for some airline that you’re probably already familiar with if you’re a frequent flyer around Southeast Asia region.

Back in the days, just like pretty much all students in International Relations, I was also looking into the opportunities to work in the high politic sector like in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or embassies. In Indonesia, you need to pass some certain tests to get a position in the ministry as a civil servant. And by the time I graduated, the tests got postponed for some reasons.

So, just like pretty much everyone who just graduated from college, I had to bury my dreams and get some back-up. And for this, I chose the aviation industry dealing with customer service.

I thought this must have been not so hard. I only had to deal with people and as a bonus, I would get to relocate and even better some staff discount for airfare.

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What You Could Get In Taipei For $10 – The Fusion of 3-in-1 Cuisine

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Long before the raising of K-pop phenomenon, I got some kind of Taiwanese fever through F4 and Meteor Garden.

I mean, if there’s anything that I gotta admit, then it is the fact that although I don’t understand anything about anything Korean, back then I had a full set of albums as well as DVDs from this Taiwanese boyband.

And yes, my rants here have something to do with what we’re going to talk about on this week’s What You Could Get In The City For $10. This week, we’re going to cover the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei.

Now, it is impossible for me to publish this piece without the contribution of duo Daniele and Elena from Cycloscope.

Also, have you watched Wong Fu’s Asian Bachelorette?! If you haven’t, then you should because I totally lost it at Taiwan and Thai Food.

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Mid-Year Flashback to This Year’s Resolution (2018)

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It’s early of July, which means that we’ve just past the first half of 2018.

Before I started running this blog last year, I used to blog on Tumblr and just like probably most of you, I usually post new year’s resolution every year. In addition, I will use some time after June to take a glance at my resolution and see whether it’s a success or a failure by mid-year. So to speak, that’s what I’m gonna do on this post.

Earlier this year, I’ve shared with you some of my goals to achieve this year. That includes things like my health problem and commitment issue. Now that I’ve mentioned it, I’m looking at myself while at the same time laughing at it too.

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