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5 Dresses to Avoid the “When’s Your Turn?” Question on the Next Wedding You’re Going to Attend

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Hello everyone!

Did you manage to watch the Royal Wedding on this gloomy Saturday? By gloomy, it wasn’t really referring to my broken heart knowing that Prince Harry is no longer available, but it is actually gloomy in this part of the world. Although to be fair, I’m not complaining as the weather is quite nice to stay in and take a nap like there’s no tomorrow. 😛

Did any of you get invited to the Royal Wedding? If so, you need to hit me up because I heard even the now-Duke and Duchess of Sussex got introduced through a mutual friend. If you got invited to the wedding, it only means that you probably know some other royal family members and who knows? Maybe the bride for the next Royal Wedding would be me?! *lol*

Anyway, speaking of the wedding, if you’re like me and in the age of everyone around you getting married if not getting pregnant, then rest assured you’re probably familiar with this very question: “When’s your turn?”

Well, I suppose if you’ve got a partner already, you’ll get on that question together, you know… Get awkward together.

But, if you’re single like me, it’s not rare to get such response in a way they feel sorry for you or some other kind of negativity just because you’ve got no man beside you. You think I’m exaggerating? Try living in an Asian country for once, being almost 30 and unmarried.

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Rosegal Floral Dresses: Because Beauty Is Not About Your Age Or Weight

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Hi everyone! 😀

On this opportunity, I’m so excited to write a post in collaboration with Rosegal, one of the leading global online shopping destinations who not only understand the passion of their customers in terms of fashion, but also dedicate their professional service to customers by offering free shipping around the world!

What I (and maybe you will too!) love about Rosegal is that not only do they focus on fashion in general, but they also combine two things that I personally love: vintage and plus-size dresses.

I love vintage dresses, and although I can’t consider myself as a plus-size, I have a few best friends who are and yes, they struggle to find cute dresses in their size. And Rosegal, Rosegal has it all! 😀

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What You Could Get In Bucharest For $10 – The Best of Bucharest

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Hi everyone!

On this week’s What You Could Get In The City For $10, we’ll be back to Europe… And after we got introduced to Romanian’s local beauty product Farmec Gerovital H3 Antiperspirant, now it’s time for Jules from The Traveling Tulip to share with us how we could spend our $10 in her hometown.

Back when I was wayyy younger, I got introduced to the city because of the local football club Dinamo Bucharest that had been playing in the European Cup (back in the day, it was called UEFA Cup though!) and that was the club where Adrian Mutu used to play so anyway…

I’m not too familiar with Romanian culture in general despite the fact that my best friend in high school is half-Romanian, but thanks to Jules, I just found out that Bucharest is actually the capital city of culture in Romania!

So, how does Jules spend the $10 in Bucuresti? – that, apparently is how the locals call the city 😛 

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