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Review: Spacepod@Com Kallang, Singapore

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Hi everyone! 😀

As I mentioned last month about my plan for a short trip to Singapore for Arsenal, I’m back! And yes, I managed to travel light with just one trolley bag that weighed less than 10 kg for 3 days… And I also succeed to stay at a capsule hotel for my 2-night stay there.

While this might be something so normal for you guys, those were all my first times for me. So I’ve done a little progress by completing the mission. *lol*

Anyway, a few days ago I made a poll on my Instastory post and the result was that 80% of the voters chose the review of the capsule hotel where I stayed in Singapore instead of the new train from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. So, as I promised… Here I am writing a review of the capsule hotel, Spacepod@com! 😀

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I Bought 2 Tickets For Singapore Next Month (And I Will Travel Differently This Time)

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So, despite I didn’t really have any plan to travel anywhere except for my ‘big’ trip later this year, I suddenly bought a return ticket to Singapore next month.

This time, not only that I bought a flight ticket, but also another ticket that has become pretty much the highlight of this year for me: a ticket for a pre-season match between Arsenal vs Atletico Madrid! For those who probably don’t know, watching Arsenal live in the stadium is one of the things to do on my 30-before-30 list.

Singapore is probably one of the countries that I have visited the most outside my home country Indonesia. Honestly, I have no idea how many times I visited this city-state, either for work or holiday if not transit.

Since this trip is somewhat impromptu, as I usually plan my trip ahead long before the D-day and this time I only had around a month to prepare things up. So little time with so little money if I gotta be honest.

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What You Could Get In Singapore For $10 – Fill Your Tummy in Southeast Asia’s Most Expensive City!

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If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, I suppose you know one city-state that I’ve got a love-and-hate relationship with. Yup, Singapore it is!

You’re probably familiar with the nickname ‘singlepoor’ that I give to the city-state as it is the way Singapore makes me feel everytime I pay for a visit, be it for holiday or work. There are two airports in Southeast Asia that I cannot avoid when I travel around the region with budget airlines: SIN in Changi Airport, Singapore or KLIA/KLIA2 in Kuala Lumpur.

And frankly speaking, I would always focus on the flight through KLIA/KLIA2 for a transit as I consider it to be more budget-friendly for me. Being a price sensitive kind of traveler is hard, it’s especially harder when you have to deal with Indonesian Rupiahs as your main source of income.

From my point of view, $10 would get me far in Kuala Lumpur for a short overnight. But Singapore?! Not so much.

So, I’m glad that I got reconnected with Shi Hui from IreviewUread who has shared with us the Singaporean local beauty product Que Potion Lotion a few months ago. This time, instead of talking about beauty product, she will recommend how to spend your $10 USD in the city from a local point of view. So, off we go! 😀

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