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Chez Bon Hostel, The Best Place to Stay in the Vintage Part of Bandung when You’re on Budget

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I remember once when I got randomly connected to someone through a meme in Slavorum, where this meme compared a place in Croatia with Bali. At that time, our conversation continued to go on through Messenger app and he said he’s been to Bandung, my hometown. And he mentioned about how much he liked Jalan Braga.

Last weekend, I got invited to stay at a hostel located exactly in Jalan Braga.

I don’t usually choose hostel as an accommodation whenever I travel, but the offer to stay at the hostel in the infamous stress that was once the promenade of Bandung in the 1920s? It’s not everyday I could get out of my comfort zone, is it?! 😉

Chez Bon Hostel is the name of the hostel, located in the street who used to be called Bragaweg in the Dutch Colonial era. I think it is the only hostel with such an excellent location in the heart of Bandung.

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As I Stayed at I Stay Hotel in JB…

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Unlike other cities in Malaysia, I suppose Johor Bahru is not exactly the traveler’s option to visit like Penang, Langkawi or generic Kuala Lumpur because to tell you the truth, there’s nothing much to see in Johor Bahru, or typically shortened as JB.

Most people would probably choose JB only for a transit as the city connects the rest of Malaysia to good ol’ Singapore. Other than that, nowadays you can also visit Legoland or Hello Kitty Town, but then again people rarely make JB their main destination when it comes to traveling.

I was almost relocated to JB for my previous job only to find out that the location of my office is not so far from Legoland, which is practically out of nowhere. But FYI, Legoland is fairly far from the downtown so it’s only normal if you find it hard to get Uber or GrabCar at after office hour.

Therefore, in my last visit to JB, I chose to stay in the downtown as per my friend’s suggestion. As the hotel options in JB can be considered as more expensive than those in KL, I’ve chosen the one that is most suitable for my budget: I Stay Hotel.

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How To Stay Stunning When You’re Actually A Broke Traveler

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Today, I just had a conversation with my high school friend and she told me that maybe I should post some tips and tricks about how to look great even when I’m broke during my travel. And honestly, it was a great idea since I kinda ran of ideas to write on this blog.

Before I start, this might not be the usual tips to travel for some female travelers but I’m quite sure this could be suitable for some others.

I know there are some people out there who will associate girls (especially those female solo travelers) on the road with girls who don’t give a fuck about their look.

The truth is, not all of us enjoy carrying backpack and sharing room with others.

Some of us, we want to have some space for us to do our make-up to feel good about ourselves. Even better, if we can also find some potential guys to date on the road.

So if you don’t mind to take things a little extra along with your humble lifestyle under the cover, this one is for you!

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