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Hong Kong: Go Horse Racing in Happy Valley Clubhouse!

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Recently, I visited Hong Kong for my birthday trip. I had planned the trip since last year and I chose Hong Kong for some reason.

Since my birthday falls in February, I know that it is going to be in the winter in some places. And being a woman with a cold heart with a hot body myself (lol), I chose Hong Kong because living in a tropical place, I just wanted to take a break from the usual humidity in Jakarta and be in somewhere cold to celebrate my birthday.

At first I thought it would be my first snow experience, but due to lack of research, it seems that snow doesn’t fall in Hong Kong. At least not on my birthday, obviously. :p

But no worries, I forgive the snow for not falling in Hong Kong since at least with the winter season there, I could get a chance to go out with my winter style. You know, coat, boots and stuff!

I mean, you know wearing those stuff can be a cause of mockery in Jakarta right?

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