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Hong Kong: Go Horse Racing in Happy Valley Clubhouse!

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Recently, I visited Hong Kong for my birthday trip. I had planned the trip since last year and I chose Hong Kong for some reason.

Since my birthday falls in February, I know that it is going to be in the winter in some places. And being a woman with a cold heart with a hot body myself (lol), I chose Hong Kong because living in a tropical place, I just wanted to take a break from the usual humidity in Jakarta and be in somewhere cold to celebrate my birthday.

After Hong Kong, I was off to Thailand to meet my siblings there so we could celebrate it together. I didn’t need visa to get to Thailand, but if you happen to be in Hong Kong and plan to reroute your journey and get to Thailand, just know you can get your Thai visa easily in Hong Kong.

At first I thought it would be my first snow experience, but due to lack of research, it seems that snow doesn’t fall in Hong Kong. At least not on my birthday, obviously. :p

But no worries, I forgive the snow for not falling in Hong Kong since at least with the winter season there, I could get a chance to go out with my winter style. You know, coat, boots and stuff!

I mean, you know wearing those stuff can be a cause of mockery in Jakarta right?

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