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Shitty Astrology: Zodiac Compatibility for Aquarius Girl (Based on True Story)

Hello, strangers!

Just yesterday, one of the memories that Facebook showed me was a picture tagged by my ex-boyfriend on his birthday. It was exactly on his 28th birthday, 5 years ago. I mean, could you even relate how cringey it is to see what’s out there on your timeline years ago?!

I suppose he would have cringed so hard if he saw it too, especially now that he’s married. ­čśŤ

But anyway, I recently got this writer’s block situation ever since I came back from Jakarta a few days ago… But then thanks to this reminder Facebook gave me, now I’ve got an idea what to write here on this post after some time of blogging break.

And since it has something to do with birthday and my past relationship, given the fact I always checked out the zodiac compatibility before going out with someone… I got an idea to talk about something that is not based on science or astrology whatsoever. In fact, I’m not even gonna try to be a know-it-all when it comes to your horoscope.

However, since I’ve been a serial dater in the past few years… I just realized that the only astrology that I’ve never dated in a man is Aries. Being an Aquarius girl myself, it’s such a great loss since according to horoscope websites that I’ve checked out, Aries and Aquarius has one of the highest compatibility in terms of relationship.

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You Don’t Have to Force Yourself Into A Relationship Just Because Everyone Is In It

As you all probably know, I’m the frequent user of online dating sites. It’s been a couple of years ever since I first signed up on some sites that I’m a member of.

My take on dating sites has been fluctuating too, as in at first I was super excited to meet some new people and hang out. And then only use it for the sake of hooking up, until nowadays I basically just have it to see what I can get from it.

To be fair, the only reason why I feel like I need to keep it is simply that I, at some point, hope that I will meet somebody soon through those sites. Someone that is good enough with whom I can get along, and maybe create a future together.

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Is It So Wrong to Find A Sugar Daddy to Fund Your Travel?

The idea of writing this article came when recently, I stumbled upon a thread on one of the female traveler groups that I’m a member of. The OP was a sex worker based in one of the states in Australia, and basically she asked whether there’s any other sex worker in the group. She wants to try some other opportunities outside her state but she wants to make sure that it’s safe, and more importantly, legal.

What’s surprising is the fact that the thread caused some backlash because some other girls actually called her out for being a whore. And that’s pretty sad.

The thing is, she made it pretty clear that she had no one to oppress her to do what she does. It was based on her consent yet some people still called her out.

Not so long after that, there’s another thread asking whether anyone has ever tried Miss Travel. And then some girls started to pass on the judgment about it being a lady escort’s place to find their customers. Basically, the place for ladies to travel for free just by spreading their legs.

So then I decided to create this post with the hope that maybe, people could see both sides of the┬ástory┬áinstead of calling people that you barely even know ‘slut’.

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