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Thou Shalt Not Followeth Thy Fuck Buddy On Social Media. Here’s Why!

I’ve never been the kind of person who would accept everyone’s friend request on Facebook. Let alone some random strangers who add me on Facebook, sometimes I even avoid being friends with some guys from work.

I like to keep my privacy so much in a way that sometimes my friends who added me on Facebook had to follow up in order for me to accept their request. I’ve got nothing to hide on my Facebook account, but I also don’t want some random people to know what kind of memes that I like, what issues that I care about and all that.

So then whenever I meet someone new either organically or through dating apps, despite the fact that I’m quite (if not very) active on my Facebook and any other social media account like Instagram etc, I never really wanted to connect with any of them through social media.

That’s why I made a big deal out of some random guy I slept with who suddenly messaged me on Facebook after like 1.5 years.

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How I Shut Him Up When He Said There’s Probably Nothing Much To See in Bandung

Just last week, my fuck buddy friend from Malaysia, Patrick came to Indonesia. Initially, he was here for Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) and he asked me whether it was possible for us to meet while he was in Jakarta.

Since I still had to attend my therapy session everyday in Bandung, I told him that it was unlikely unless if I suddenly got a briefing schedule for Asian Games in Jakarta while he was here. It didn’t happen.

At first, he was planning to stay in Jakarta for 5 days, while the DWP event would only last for 2 days. I kind of laughed at his plan because clearly, he hadn’t done any research on it. So I asked him whether he would be interested to visit my hometown in Bandung instead. That, until he responded, “Sure, but I think there’s nothing much to see in Bandung, right?”

And that was when I got offended.

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Re-SOUL-ution 2018

Before we start, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone! 😀

It’s that time of the year again, when we start creating a list for ourselves so that we start fresh in a few days and know what we need to do more in order to be a better version of ourselves, as well as know what we need to do less for exactly the same reason: to improve ourselves from the previous year.

Yup, resolution time! Aren’t you excited?

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