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7 Unique and Affordable Personalized Gift Ideas for My Brother (and Maybe Yours Too!)

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July is my brother’s birth month. And when it comes to birthday, I always remember my birthday a few years ago when he was still a small boy. He made me a bracelet and left me a card wishing me happy birthday and apologizing as he couldn’t buy me anything for the birthday gift.

I literally cried when I received it, because I think that was probably better than any purchasable gift.

However, when the other way around, buying gifts for my brother is not always easy as I’m not as creative as he is. Like, I swear to God that the DIY skill God gives to my family, it’s been only given to my mom and my brother and not to the others. Not my dad, me or my sister. 😛

But then, I love the fact that nowadays, there are so many options to give personalised gifts without having to be someone who’s creative on my own. It’s personal and memorable, something that my loved one will keep because it means something to them.

So, here’s a list of unique and affordable personalized gift ideas that I’ve got for my brother, that you can also use for yours! 😉

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Mid-Year Flashback to This Year’s Resolution (2018)

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It’s early of July, which means that we’ve just past the first half of 2018.

Before I started running this blog last year, I used to blog on Tumblr and just like probably most of you, I usually post new year’s resolution every year. In addition, I will use some time after June to take a glance at my resolution and see whether it’s a success or a failure by mid-year. So to speak, that’s what I’m gonna do on this post.

Earlier this year, I’ve shared with you some of my goals to achieve this year. That includes things like my health problem and commitment issue. Now that I’ve mentioned it, I’m looking at myself while at the same time laughing at it too.

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Is It So Wrong to Find A Sugar Daddy to Fund Your Travel?

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The idea of writing this article came when recently, I stumbled upon a thread on one of the female traveler groups that I’m a member of. The OP was a sex worker based in one of the states in Australia, and basically she asked whether there’s any other sex worker in the group. She wants to try some other opportunities outside her state but she wants to make sure that it’s safe, and more importantly, legal.

What’s surprising is the fact that the thread caused some backlash because some other girls actually called her out for being a whore. And that’s pretty sad.

The thing is, she made it pretty clear that she had no one to oppress her to do what she does. It was based on her consent yet some people still called her out.

Not so long after that, there’s another thread asking whether anyone has ever tried Miss Travel. And then some girls started to pass on the judgment about it being a lady escort’s place to find their customers. Basically, the place for ladies to travel for free just by spreading their legs.

So then I decided to create this post with the hope that maybe, people could see both sides of the story instead of calling people that you barely even know ‘slut’.

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