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Shitty Astrology: Zodiac Compatibility for Aquarius Girl (Based on True Story)

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Hello, strangers!

Just yesterday, one of the memories that Facebook showed me was a picture tagged by my ex-boyfriend on his birthday. It was exactly on his 28th birthday, 5 years ago. I mean, could you even relate how cringey it is to see what’s out there on your timeline years ago?!

I suppose he would have cringed so hard if he saw it too, especially now that he’s married. 😛

But anyway, I recently got this writer’s block situation ever since I came back from Jakarta a few days ago… But then thanks to this reminder Facebook gave me, now I’ve got an idea what to write here on this post after some time of blogging break.

And since it has something to do with birthday and my past relationship, given the fact I always checked out the zodiac compatibility before going out with someone… I got an idea to talk about something that is not based on science or astrology whatsoever. In fact, I’m not even gonna try to be a know-it-all when it comes to your horoscope.

However, since I’ve been a serial dater in the past few years… I just realized that the only astrology that I’ve never dated in a man is Aries. Being an Aquarius girl myself, it’s such a great loss since according to horoscope websites that I’ve checked out, Aries and Aquarius has one of the highest compatibility in terms of relationship.

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5 Kinds of Clickbait that Smart People Shall Not Fall Into

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It’s 2018, when everyone is a publisher!

I mean, how many of you would check your post once in every hour to see how many likes you got on Instagram?! Long story short, no matter how much you think you don’t care about it, at some point you’ll try to attract people to see what you post so they can potentially spread the love on your page.

Some people try so hard to do it that they would give some provoking title to get some unique visitors to their page. Hence, the invention of the term clickbait that we all know now.

To be fair, some of us learned the hard way that we started to check the content first before we shared an article in social media. The thing is, some others would buy this kind of clickbait. And that’s exactly why the clickbait situation never stops.

But there are some kinds of clickbait that you smart people shall never fall into… Why? Because it’s obviously just a clickbait and not legit.

What are they?

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7 Unique and Affordable Personalized Gift Ideas for My Brother (and Maybe Yours Too!)

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July is my brother’s birth month. And when it comes to birthday, I always remember my birthday a few years ago when he was still a small boy. He made me a bracelet and left me a card wishing me happy birthday and apologizing as he couldn’t buy me anything for the birthday gift.

I literally cried when I received it, because I think that was probably better than any purchasable gift.

However, when the other way around, buying gifts for my brother is not always easy as I’m not as creative as he is. Like, I swear to God that the DIY skill God gives to my family, it’s been only given to my mom and my brother and not to the others. Not my dad, me or my sister. 😛

But then, I love the fact that nowadays, there are so many options to give personalised gifts without having to be someone who’s creative on my own. It’s personal and memorable, something that my loved one will keep because it means something to them.

So, here’s a list of unique and affordable personalized gift ideas that I’ve got for my brother, that you can also use for yours! 😉

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