Different Frame of Mind: Because If Anxiety Can’t Stop Her From Traveling, Neither Can It Stop You From Doing Anything in Life!

Different week, different blogger to cover on The Wander Lover Series.

And this time, it’s my turn to tell you a brief story about Ariel. Not the mermaid who thought she was an adult when really she was only 16 wished for feet in exchange of her singing voice, neither it is the Indonesian pop star who got jailed for sex-tape scandal a few years ago.

This Ariel is the woman behind the blog Different Frame of Mind. What and why is it behind the name Different Frame of Mind? Well, you can read further about it below! 🙂

The Different Frame of Mind, Because That’s How Traveling Makes Her Feel!

As Ariel often travels with either her husband or her Mom, the story behind her blog name, Different Frame of Mind, is rather simple.

She was on a trip once when she found out about blogging, she told her Mom that if she ever started blogging, then she would christen it as how traveling makes her feel. So that’s how Different Frame of Mind began. 🙂

Traveling, according to Ariel, puts her in a different frame of mind. While traveling, she doesn’t have to worry about life outside of her travel and she’s fully at peace when she travels. And I totally agree with her statement.

different frame of minds (4)
Ariel in the SkyDeck Chicago, Illinois.

After lurking on her blog for awhile, I know that she started blogging in mid 2017 with her first post, Falling in Love with Travel posted on 20th July.

Although her blog is quite new, she’s got a number of interesting posts. Not only those written by her personally, there are also some guest posts written from all over the world. 🙂

She started traveling in 2010 and so far, being someone from the States like Meghan Markle, she’s been traveling to 34 different states and 7 different cruise ports.

Even before doing this project, I have visited her blog before commenting on the thing we share in common: the fact that our parents could never afford to take our family on vacation. 😀

You see, that’s what we do when we couldn’t afford doing something in the past: we live to the fullest now that we kind of have the control in our life. I feel you, Ariel!

Living To The Fullest Despite The Medical and Psychological Conditions

You know what I love about doing this project? Because reading other bloggers’ answer about what inspire them to travel is exciting!

They have different answers from one and the others, but even reading their answers inspire me to do my piece a whole lot better than before. And as a person, pretty much just like everyone, I want to grow. 🙂

So when I asked Ariel about what has inspired her to travel, her answer itself is quite inspiring: she enjoys writing and she’s been blogging as she wanted to share her story and inspire others.

Apart from that, she has a medical condition called epilepsy and a psychological condition called anxiety. She used to let those two hold her back from a lot in life, and a few years ago she decided to live to the fullest regardless her condition.

That results her journey that inspired her to start this Different Frame of Mind.

different frame of minds (1)
Nashville, Tennessee. I swear Ariel has sent me this picture because she wanted to. Not exactly because I listen country music a little too much. 😉

With the condition, what stands out about Different Frame of Mind is not only it’s a travel and lifestyle blog that focuses on traveling with little funds, it also focuses on traveling with medical and psychological conditions.

As someone who’s suffering with Bell’s Palsy myself, I can totally relate that sometimes traveling with a medical condition can be challenging.

I’m glad that Ariel and I got connected in a way that maybe someone out there could get inspired on how nothing could stop us from doing what we love. Not medical, neither psychological condition can stop us from doing something that we want.

Now that I think about it, the last statement sounds quite inspiring and snobby at the same time. Sorry I’m not sorry. *lol*

One word that sums up what travel means to Ariel: INSPIRATIONAL

Anxiety, The Unknown, And Her Way of Travel

What makes her worry the most is the unknown as she admits that she fears change. Hence, going somewhere new or doing something that she’s never done before always has her on the edge.

But if there’s anything she always remembers, it is the fact that life is too short to worry. So, her mantra to solve it is quite simple yet still effective: take the trip, live it to the fullest you can and enjoy every moment of it.

Culturally, Ariel has never experienced anything close to a culture shock or disappointment when it comes to visiting a new place. However, there were some events that has made her fully aware and more prepared when traveling.

Once, she almost passed out in Colorado as she wasn’t used to the air over there. So just in case you’re planning to visit Colorado anytime soon, maybe you should to make sure to eat and drink plenty to avoid the same thing to happen to you. 🙂

The other time, she also had a seizure on the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And for this, she now always makes sure that she gets plenty of sleep and rest before going anywhere.

different frame of minds (3)
Sea in the Caribbean.

When asked about her most memorable traveling experience, she told me that the time when she went on her first cruise was memorable as she didn’t want the trip to end for she was having too much fun.

For favorite place that she has ever been, that would be Tybee Island and Savannah, Georgia in the United States for the beach there is so beautiful while the people are also nice. For these places, she has experienced so much there that she fell completely in love with the places.

What’s Next? 

So far, Ariel has a few trips planned next year and one more to finish up this year. She went to Knoxville, Tennessee in the previous Thanksgiving to visit her husband’s family.

For Christmas, she’s going to Kansas City to visit Dorothy and Toto her family.

As for next year, she will be taking her Mom on a cruise from Miami, Florida to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands in March. She’s going there because her Mom has never been out of the country and neither she has been to both places.

And I forgot to ask whether March is her Mom’s birthday month. 😉

The BeauTraveler on Different Frame of Mind

I’ve never been to the United States, and despite the fact that I failed a potential relationship with an American guy earlier this year, United States has never been on my bucket list.

I know some Indonesian friends of mine, and even my brother, who have this American dream, I’ve never really experienced the same thing. I’ve always been this girl who’s aiming Europe for life. 😀

So when I checked out Different Frame of Mind to write this piece, I didn’t expect to find something that can relate to me in general.

But then when Ariel mentioned about her medical and psychological conditions, I didn’t expect that I could relate to her in something else. Maybe not in the destination of travel. But then I could relate to her in the condition of travel.

different frame of minds (2)
Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas.

I once use traveling to flee from my depression caused by work. And given the fact that I’m struggling with Bell’s Palsy myself, I think I can understand the traveling situation when you have some kind of health problems. Be it physical or psychological.

Well, for now I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about depression anymore, but I’m still on medical therapy for my Bell’s Palsy.

But I think if there’s anything that makes us different despite our health problem, is because my health problem affects my face and I still can enjoy traveling solo without worry (despite the anxiety when I have to meet some new people who can probably see the difference in my face whatsoever).

As for Ariel, I suppose she can get seizure in no time so maybe the best thing she could do is to travel with a company. 🙂

And even though I’m still not planning to go anywhere around the United States, Different Frame of Mind also has some guest posts from other bloggers with one of them written by Lyf & Spice.

I personally enjoy the Home Town Series she has had for Thanksgiving. She has published some posts about people and their hometown, and I personally enjoy her piece on Shawnee, Kansas. I was totally screaming when she mentioned The Wizard of Oz as I just used the reference not so long ago above on this post. 😛

Also, thanks to those movies full of stereotype, I thought that Kansas would be either farm or desert. So the post that Ariel has written was kind of enlightening in a way now I know that there’s more to farm and desert in Kansas. In fact, now I’m intrigued to visit this Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.

I mean, the picture she used on the post makes me wonder, “Like, why do they use shuttlecock when it’s clear that badminton is not that big in ‘Merica?”

So far, I actually love the contents she’s got on the blog so there’s no surprise that she’s got nominated for the Bloggers Recognition Award or Liebster Award. If I could choose one content that I love the most on the blog, I think that would be Depression After Vacation Got You Down?

I’m sure a lot of you travelers will relate to the headline.

However, as a reader-slash-visitor of her blog, I think she can probably add some more pages on the navigation menu or widgets on her sidebar that could tell something more about the blog. You know, that get people be more interested to explore it. 🙂

Connect with Different Frame of Mind

To find out more about Different Frame of Mind, you can connect with Ariel here:

I think that’s a wrap for today. Hope you get inspired by Different Frame of Mind as much as I do. Because nothing could stop you from doing something that you love. Be it to travel or do something else. Cheerio! 🙂 

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