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Introducing: BeautiQ – South East Asia

Hello beautravelers! 😀

SEA Games 2017 just started a few days ago and a lot of dramas already happened, especially those between my home country, Indonesia and the host of the event, Malaysia.

First, the huge error of Malaysia putting Poland’s flag in the booklet instead of ours and later today, I read the news about Indonesia’s sepak takraw team who chose to walk out in the halfway through the game against Malaysia.

I’ve posted a picture of myself during SEA Games 6 years ago for a joke, but it seems to me some of my Malaysian friends gave me this mixed response in which I don’t understand whether they took things seriously or they simply clapped back with sarcasm.

So, although I was planning to introduce this later this month, since the feud between Indonesia and Malaysia in South East Asian Games 2017 has been kind of hot, as a starter slash an entrepreneur, I am excited to introduce you to my new baby: BeautiQ – South East Asia.


Yes, I decided to start executing my business plan now that I’m on the therapy for my Bell’s Palsy and the fact that I was sick of dealing with a boss that gave me a hard time.


To make things easier to understand, I’m trying to apply all the things that I love into one platform: BeautiQ.

My mission is to introduce Batik to ASEAN countries in general since I am starting this business for 3 countries in the region: Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. My vision is to empower ASEAN beauties through batik and cosmetics, because I believe that if there’s anything that explain unity in diversity, it’s ASEAN.

But then again, beyond the diversity, we’re quite similar to each other. Let alone the conflict between Indonesia and Malaysia who claimed batik as their own several ago, I see that each country has something similar but unique to each other. And one of them is the thing called batik.


I mean, sure Indonesia and Malaysia got this constant feud about claiming things from one and another (batik included!), but then little did they know that our Filipino friends have also their own malong to start with. Like, why don’t we include them in this rivalry? 😛

So, I want to put things together in this one platform. Along with my personal goal to travel in all ASEAN countries before I hit the age of 30, I want this to happen. So here comes BeautiQ – South East Asia.


The idea of starting my own business emerged a few months ago when I was so stressed out with work. That, until I talked to my ex-coworker who was based in Malaysia and we got this rough idea about starting out a business in kebaya as we started thinking about leaving the company at the time.

After we met in Jakarta as she came to accompany her husband in his business trip, we agreed to start trying to find a way to start our plan for good. At first, we had an idea to sell blouse and dresses because of who we are, but then we thought it might be a bit gambling to sell ready-to-wear stuff since we need to have a lot of items in different size.

Also, it would take a lot of times to think through the kind of outfit we’d like to sell if that’s the case. And we’re just too lazy to think a lot of things. So we agree to sell the clothing material instead of ready-to-wear dress as we consider that DIY products are now trending as people tend to be proud wearing things homemade.

So, for exactly the same reason, we finally decide to sell batik clothing instead of ready-to-wear stuff.

It started out what I have been doing lately.

Later after our discussion in Jakarta, I independently thought about selling cosmetics as well. Especially from Malaysia/Singapore to Jakarta as the trend of jasa titip in Indonesia is probably in its highest peak. Why cosmetics? Because it rhymes with batik.

Haha, not really. The main reason of why I choose cosmetics because that’s what I love. Beautraveler, remember? Beau, beauty and travel? Haha. 😀

Also, because just found out that Oxy cannot be found anywhere in Indonesia except through online shop. I onced used Oxy products back when I was flying, so I didn’t know that it’s been hunted by people who have skin problems in Indonesia especially Jakarta.

And the idea came up when I went to Watsons to get my holy grail, Watsons Nose Pore Strip. I’ve been looking for it everytime I pass Watsons but they never got it to the point that I understand that they simply don’t have it in Indonesia even though it’s a home brand product.


I’ve still got this because my ex-coworker still go back and forth Jakarta and KL/JB every month. Lucky for me. But this is actually the best pore pack that I’ve ever tried my whole life.

So, this one gave me an idea to combine batik and beauty products as the main product of BeautiQ. I will focus on the products that I’ve tried first, but if you’re in any of ASEAN countries and you would like to recommend any kind of product from or to your country related to my business, feel free to let me know and let me be your dealer! 😛


Due to the limited equity and all that, we’ll be focusing our business mainly in Indonesia with a helping hand in Johor Bahru to distribute our products in Malaysia and Singapore.

But back to my goals to visit the whole ASEAN countries by the time I’m 30, so I’m so open with the idea of visiting your country. I am still yet to go to Brunei Darusalam, Laos and Cambodia. 🙂


I’ve been a single fighter lately, but I have another friend in Indonesia who will also work with me in supplying the products we’ll see in and out of the country. Her name is Adel, a college friend of mine.

Also, my ex-coworker, Rie will also help me with the sales in Malaysia. She’s been quite busy with her wedding celebration and currently on honey moon so yeah…


Our concept is a mobile online store, whereas we will market everything through online medias. Mainly on Instagram.

Our official account on some platforms like Lazada, Ebay, Etsy etc are still on progress, so we’ll inform you later about it! 😀

We’re open for worldwide shipping, but for personal touch, we will also have a thing called flash sale whereby we will bring our products whenever we travel somewhere. It will reduce the shipping cost, and that way, we can deliver your order by hand.

I mean, if you’re a woman, then I can also hand you a friendship while if otherwise, maybe you can offer me a hand for marriage. HAHAHA. Man, I need a boyfriend! 😛

Anyway, we will receive international remittance and cash on delivery for the transaction. Anything works! 😉


We are already open!


I am planning to come to Singapore and Malaysia for both business and personal matters in September. The date is not fixed yet, but I will be there next month. So for those who are in both countries and interested to take a look of what we’ll bring to the table, feel free to check our catalog and make an order immediately.

You can find us on:

BeautiQ – SEA
Instagram: @beautiq.sea
ID: | MY: @beautiq_my | SG: @beautiq_sg
WhatsApp: +62 823 7684 1773
LINE: @beautiq

Follow us on our LINE Official Account to get the latest updates about our products and promo. Also, collect 7 points on our LINE Rewards to get free batik as a bonus.

For introduction, we also have 30% off until September. Cheerio! 😀

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