Russell and Anisa: From Workmate To Potential Soulmate

Still on February edition of Wander Lover Series, and I’ve got yet another couple traveler for us to find out about their love story. 🙂

This time, I’m excited to connect with Anisa from Two Traveling Texans and Russell, who runs his own blog with some contents about his passion: origami, which is called Origami Expressions.

Yup, the latter is not a travel blog, but the blogger behind Origami Expressions also loves to travel like the rest of us. And also, it’s because Russell has been christened as the third of the Two Traveling Texans. So yes, Russell is still a part of this travel blog industry, guys! 😀

Besides, on the February edition, we’re not gonna be too specific on the blogs as I want to focus on their love story instead. On how two people who love traveling could end up together, through work… Yup, the kind of job that made me cringe back in the day to face the 9-to-5 scheme! 😛

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Matt and Tilbe of Lagoon With A View: From A Small Town To The Big World!

Valentine’s day is coming up, guys… What’s your upcoming plan for the day? Are you planning to have a fancy dinner in some expensive restaurant, or even propose your girlfriend somewhere? Or are you going to spend your Valentine’s alone like I am?

Anyway, now that you’ve probably read the story from Jareena and Ari, still in The Wander Lover Series: February, I’ve got another couple travelers to cover this time!

So, let me introduce you all to Matt and Tilbe from Lagoon With A View!

Been together for 12 years ever since they were 16, they are currently in the 3rd month of their 18-month round-the-world trip. In the meantime, they also share their story on their personal blog for you to refer. Be it as someone who’s planning to go to some destinations they’ve been, or as a couple who’s planning to travel together. 🙂

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Around The World With The Beauties! – (Italy) Madina Undetectable Pressed Powder & (Romania) Farmec’s Gerovital H3 Antiperspirant

Hello beautravelers!

Back to Around The World With The Beauties, and this time I’m excited to introduce you to two beauty products from two countries with some similarities as the country has got similar Latin-derived language: Italy and Romanian. 🙂

I swear it’s only a coincidence that the good ol’ friend with benefits that I got was a Romanian guy who somehow used to live in Italy and could only manage to speak it fluently for the sake of dating an Italian girl when he was there. Why so many coincidences and so hard to move on? *cray cray*

Anyway, this time I’m excited to cover some local products from Italy and Romania, thanks to Anastasiia Nokhrina of Diamonds Always Fit who recommends Madina Undetectable Pressed Powder in Italy and Iulia Falcutescu of the traveling tulip who’s up to share her two cents about Farmec’s Gerovital H3 Passion from Romania. 🙂

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